Condo Frustration

So I am 8 days away from closing on my first home. Everything has gone smoothly for the most part, except for one thing and one person…the seller’s agent. I am so frustrated and stressed out right now. My mortgage is part of a bond program and the seller must sign and mail a document that states that my purchase of her home did not displace anyone, its just a simple, standard government form. The seller’s agent has had this document in her possession for over 3 weeks and until Friday the seller did not even know this document existed. She learned about it when MY agent told the seller. Now the problem isnt just a little autograph on a form, this form is required before my mortgage can be submitted for approval and the original MUST be in possession by my broker about 4 days before closing or funds will not be released on the closing date…this is SO ridiculous, how am I supposed to be able to close on this condo if this woman will not do her job. She has been asked many different times.

I am so annoyed right now.


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