I must admit that I have developed a condition that affects everyone at some time or another in their lives. I…have short timer’s syndrome. I have two weeks left with Hertz and I just don’t care to do too much anymore. There is no point in me going way out of my way to do a superb job because I will not be here to reap the rewards of my hardwork (not that I have gotten anything for all the extra efforts I’ve put in with this company over the past 19 months). Today was supposed to be a stressful day with Spring Break and a million reservations, but I am totally relaxed. I just do not care enough to get all worked up. This of course is a good thing because I need to learn to relax anyway.

I am finally starting to actually really live and enjoy my life again. For several years I have done nothing but work my butt off moving towards career and professional goals. I never really focused on my personal life. That has started to change, my priorities are changing. I have a wonderful new man in my life who is showing me that there is so much more to life then I realized. Im really starting to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. I am really loving my life right now, I have never been as happy as I am right now. After all the struggles I have been through, I am very thankful to be seeing all that life has to offer now.


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