Through Heaven’s Gates

Joshua Sams left the bonds of earth this morning around 11am EST and entered into heaven’s gates with a brand new perfect little body. My heart is aching for Matt and Susie Sams and the rest of their family at this time. Joshua’s fight for life and Matt and Susie’s remarkable faith have been an inspiration to me.

I know that they are experiencing pain that I cant even imagine. I dont even want to imagine what it feels like to lose a child, especially one so young. I am sure that they take comfort in knowing he was never in any pain and that he now is perfect and happy in the arms of Jesus.

I can only imagine the joy he is experiencing with his new body and seeing Jesus face to face. Maybe he is running around the streets of gold with my little boy that I miscarried last year.

Please keep Matt and Susie Sams in your prayers at this time. Please also pray for Joshua’s big sister Oceana, that she will come to some type of understanding and closure about Joshua.

Joshua Matthew Sams 7 Jan 2008 – 15 Mar 2008 (67 days, 7 hours)


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