I Want Structure!

I guess the mass chaos in my life is starting to get to me. In a discussion with my coworkers today about a property in Riverside that was in violation I realized that I was playing hardball with how we were going to deal with the issue. I kept insisting that we dont bend the rules but make this correct the violation and that they go by the standards that are written for the neighborhood. After the meeting as Lisa and I were talking I realized that I need to have things more organized and I want things structured at the moment. That includes making sure the customers and cases I deal with on a daily basis are within the boundaries of the Guidelines. I dont think there should be any gray areas at the moment. I have also self-appointment myself to organized our network. It is in disarray and has not been organized or cleaned in years. People just keep adding things do it and creating folders without searching to see if the folder they created already exists in another place on the network. Oh well, I am going to organize and create a strucutred environment around me until I no longer feel the need for so much structure!

Natalie news:
Yesterday she actually was having fun playing on her tummy. I would have been able to get her to stay on her tummy for awhile but some people from the church stopped by while she was playing so I picked her up while they were there and after they left it was time for her evening fussy stage. Im not sure what is wrong with her, it might be colic or something else. She is almost 16 weeks old already! I cant believe how fast the time has flown. I was looking at her newborn pictures this morning and its hard to recognize her, she is becoming such a big girl now. I miss the newborn stage but Im having a ball with the baby stage, I love her interacting with me.


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