My Biggest Fear

Another weight update:

20 weeks, 3 days: 11lbs 13.5oz

In the past few days I have lived every parents nightmare. Facing the reality that it is possible that your child can die before you do. I almost lost my little girl. Natalie had been sick for several days and had already been to the ER twice. Last Thursday, I come home from work to learn she had not eaten all day, had done nothing but slept and we discovered she had a bulging soft spot. Needless to say we rushed her to the ER where they started to do some tests and discovered blood surrounding her brain.

It is really scary to think how close I came to losing my baby girl.


Another Weight Update

OK so Im using my blog to help me keep track of Natalie’s weight…posting it here, I always know where it is.

18 weeks, 5 days 11lbs 11oz
18 weeks, 6 days 11lbs 12oz
19 weeks, 2 days 11lbs 15oz

The reason why I have her exact weight for all these days in a row is because she has been in and out of the ER/doctor’s office since last Thursday. Natalie is having difficulty keeping her food down, even with all the cereal in her bottle. We think its somehow related to the reflux but we are waiting to have some tests scheduled to see what the problem exactly is.

Natalie’s Weight and Height

OK so just bear with me. I need somewhere to post this before I lose this information again and I figure its easiest to access right here.

So for the whole world to see, here’s Natalie’s growth since birth.

Birth: 4lbs 15oz, 17.25 in
1 Week: 4lbs 8oz
1 Month: 6lbs 4oz, 19 in
2 Month: 8lbs 5oz, 20.75 in
11 Week: 9lbs 5.5oz
16 Week: 10lbs 11oz, 22 in
18 Week: 11lbs 5oz, 24 in (2 inches in less than 2 weeks!)

I think she’s going to take after me and be tall and skinny. It runs in the Tucker family and so far she looks pure Tucker…of course she does have daddy’s eyes, hair, and complexion so not 100% Tucker, the Martinage family is there too 😛

Remodeling with a Vengeance

Natalie’s First Concert – Metropolitan Park 3/27/2008 – David*Crowder Band

Natalie’s first fishing trip – Jacksonville Pier 3/29/2008

We finally started that living room remodel that I have been wanting to do since I bought the condo last year. We knocked out the coat closet and ‘built-in entertainment center’ (formally a wet bar) to open up the entire living room. It has already helped the look of the place immensely. Now all we have to do is hire an electrician and someone to finish the drywall and sheetrock. We also decided that since we are doing all this work we are going to install laminate flooring in the living room/dining room, take out some of the bricks from hearth around the fireplace, tile the front entry way (and maybe the kitchen) and install track lighting above the fireplace wall. We might as well get all this done now before we try to finish the refinance so we can move out and buy a bigger place. We will be renting the condo until the market improves and we can sell it…who knows when we will be able to do that. It was a crazy weekend with all that work being done and we are still having a lot of problems with the electrical that was affected by the demolition.

Natalie had her 4 month check up last Thursday. My little girl is now two feet tall and over 11lbs! She’s growing up too fast! She has started to discover she can yell. The past couple of mornings she has been playing in her crib and yelling at her mobile while I was trying to get a few more minutes of rest (this has been at 5am). She is way too much of a morning person for my own personal taste. I will be really glad once she gets her own room…which will hopefully not be too much longer.