Natalie’s Weight and Height

OK so just bear with me. I need somewhere to post this before I lose this information again and I figure its easiest to access right here.

So for the whole world to see, here’s Natalie’s growth since birth.

Birth: 4lbs 15oz, 17.25 in
1 Week: 4lbs 8oz
1 Month: 6lbs 4oz, 19 in
2 Month: 8lbs 5oz, 20.75 in
11 Week: 9lbs 5.5oz
16 Week: 10lbs 11oz, 22 in
18 Week: 11lbs 5oz, 24 in (2 inches in less than 2 weeks!)

I think she’s going to take after me and be tall and skinny. It runs in the Tucker family and so far she looks pure Tucker…of course she does have daddy’s eyes, hair, and complexion so not 100% Tucker, the Martinage family is there too šŸ˜›


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