My Biggest Fear

Another weight update:

20 weeks, 3 days: 11lbs 13.5oz

In the past few days I have lived every parents nightmare. Facing the reality that it is possible that your child can die before you do. I almost lost my little girl. Natalie had been sick for several days and had already been to the ER twice. Last Thursday, I come home from work to learn she had not eaten all day, had done nothing but slept and we discovered she had a bulging soft spot. Needless to say we rushed her to the ER where they started to do some tests and discovered blood surrounding her brain.

It is really scary to think how close I came to losing my baby girl.


3 thoughts on “My Biggest Fear

  1. OH AUTUMN! I was lurking on babyfit when I saw the news about her surgery! I’m so sorry! I hope and pray and pray and pray she’s ok, that the surgery goes well, and that God’s peace floods yours and Thomas’ hearts. In my experience, I felt the most at ease when I knew exactly what was going on, and why something had happened. I hope you’re able to find some answers beyond SBS since it doesn’t sound like a logical diagnosis for Natalie. Our prayers are with you! Xo – Susie

  2. Hi Autumn, I’m here from Suzie’s site. I am so glad that you still have your daughter! I prayed for you, Natalie, and that you would not be held responsible for it. Anyway, glad to hear that everything is now well. Praise God, for his love and mercy endures forever!

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