A Set Back?

It has been a long and stressful day. I took Natalie to the doctor this morning for a follow up with Neurosurgery. As we were walking through the parking garage I told her that she needed to cooperate with me and not try to stay at the hospital again, she just laughed. When we got to the doctors office, they were concerned about the firmness of her bulging soft spot. She was sent for a cat scan and we were facing the possibility of emergency surgery. Luckily, the cat scan showed us that the shunt is working properly and apparently it just isnt flowing like we would like it to at night. Hopefully she will continue to get better and not need another surgery. We go back to the doctor again in two weeks.


Natalie is Home

I have so much to say but not enough time to write about all of it at the moment. We finally got Natalie home last night after 9 long days in the hospital. Her surgery went well but it did not solve the problem, her head continued to swell so this past Wednesday they did a SECOND surgery to insert a shunt inside her head. She has been doing great, playing like crazy and eating like a horse. Her head is swelling still and I am concerned but I am trying to give it a few days before I worry about calling the doctor.

It has been a roller coaster and we are still dealing with DCF and the remodel and all sorts of stuff. My stress level is through the roof and I have had very little sleep lately but I am just glad that my little girl is still here and still acting normal.

Tomorrow is the Day

It has definitely been a roller coaster ride over the course of the past month. I have experienced the fears of losing my only child as well as the joy of having her returned to me. Now we are facing another major hurdle–my little girl is scheduled to undergo brain surgery tomorrow morning, 8:30am EST. The doctors will be going in and drilling two holes in her head and inserting a tube to drain the excess blood from around the brain in hopes of decreasing the pressure on the brain. In the month since she was released from the hospital the size of her head has grown at an alarming rate. The blood around her skull has increased instead of reabsorbing into her body.

The scariest thing I have ever had to face is the potential lose of my child. I will have to finish this later, my parents have just arrived.