Tomorrow is the Day

It has definitely been a roller coaster ride over the course of the past month. I have experienced the fears of losing my only child as well as the joy of having her returned to me. Now we are facing another major hurdle–my little girl is scheduled to undergo brain surgery tomorrow morning, 8:30am EST. The doctors will be going in and drilling two holes in her head and inserting a tube to drain the excess blood from around the brain in hopes of decreasing the pressure on the brain. In the month since she was released from the hospital the size of her head has grown at an alarming rate. The blood around her skull has increased instead of reabsorbing into her body.

The scariest thing I have ever had to face is the potential lose of my child. I will have to finish this later, my parents have just arrived.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Day

  1. I will certainly be uplifting you and your sweet baby in prayer as well as for the physicians skilled hands while performing the surgery.Praying and sending cyber (((HUGS)))

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