Size Update

Before I forget these weights:

6 months 1 week 4 days – 14lbs 3oz
6 months 2 weeks 4 days – 14lbs 8oz

I know I havent posted in awhile but I have not really had much time. I am back to work fulltime starting this week, Natalie’s sleep habits have changed, my stress level is still elevated, and I am exhausted. I feel like a zombie all the time at the moment. It will eventually get better…soon I hope.


The Grind

Tomorrow its back to normal and the grind. Natalie and I start back full time tomorrow…well sorta, I have a couple of afternoon appointments this week…but close enough.

This morning on the way to church I realized something…I have complete peace about the interview with the detective. It started a couple of days ago when Thomas said ‘its gonna be ok.’ Once I realized he was ok with it and had peace, I knew it was gonna be ok. Thank God for peace.

Its gonna end up being ok…I trust God

Crazy Afternoon

Yesterday was absolutely insane. I worked in the morning like I have been doing all week and then I left to go pick up Natalie for her neurosurgery appointment in the afternoon. She checked out great, the shunt is working like it is supposed to and her head has not increased in size. They told me that they want to follow up in two months! While at the appointment I asked them about her increased spitting up and her random cries of pain. After describing the symptoms to them they agreed with me that it was probably her reflux and teething and advised me to follow up with her pediatrician about switching her reflux medicine.

As I was heading home yesterday I called the pediatrician’s office and asked the receptionist should I set up an appointment to come in or could they just call in a new prescription for her. Apparently, the office Natalie goes to was very busy so I was talking to someone at the other office. After looking at her file and talking to someone over there the receptionist freaked out! She told me I either needed to bring her in right away or take her straight to the emergency room?! I was a little confused, I told her she was just spitting up, not vomitting and she was fine. Still, the receptionist insisted I bring her right in. So I was already in the car so I took Natalie to the pediatrician’s office…and guess what, its relux! Duh! Her doctor said that the receptionist was being cautious due to the fact that Natalie has a shunt and they worry any time they hear about vomitting/spit up from an infant with a shunt. However, I had just been to the neurosurgeon so I knew she was fine. So anyways, they increased her medicine to see if that will help and we go back next week to follow up. If there is no change then they will change her prescription. But other than that she’s great!

Oh yeah, Natalie now weights 14lbs and 3oz. She has moved from the 11% to the 13% in a week. Thats a 6oz increase since her appointment last Thursday.

In other news…lol that sounds weird. Thomas is sick, not sure whats wrong with him but he’s too stubborn to go to the doctor no matter how many times I tell him. His business is doing great, he only worked about half the week this week and still made at least twice as much as I did. If I didn’t love what I do so much then I would change careers, lol.

We are getting close to being done with our remodel. We still need the carpet repair or to put down laminate flooring…we still havent decided. We updated the ac unit this week and our contractor is finishing his work today on the walls. Now that we are almost done we need to figure out what we are going to do next. We had someone who was interested in purchasing the unit for a good price (better than what similar units are selling for but less than we owe at the moment) but now I can’t seem to get ahold of her. I have talked with a couple of people who are interested in doing a rent to own, but I gotta see if that will pan out or not.

Hmm…I can continue to write but I really do need to at least pretend to be working, lol. So back to pretending 🙂

Return to Normal

We really are still very far from getting back to normal as a family. In fact we will probably get back to that ‘normal.’ However, life is continuing and things are progressing. Today was Natalie’s first day back at daycare since her surgery and my first day back at work. Now I know we have only been away for about 3 1/2 weeks but it feels like much longer. Natalie and I are doing half days this week to ease the transition back into our old routine. I think I had a harder time of it than she did, but she was awfully exhausted today so I know it was hard on her too…she slept a good 2-3 hrs this afternoon and was asleep by 7pm, without much of a fight…which NEVER happens.

Her shunt is doing remarkably well. The soft spot and her little ‘devil horns’ (where they drilled for the first surgery) are noticeably pliable and soft instead of firm…this is what we want them to be. However, she’s spitting up quite a bit more than normal the past few days and she has been a little more irritable than normal. We go back to the doctor on Thursday, I will discuss my concerns with him then and hopefully it is just normal or nothing to be concerned about. She is also having random occasions where she suddenly just screams in pain…its either her head hurts or she’s teething, I havent figured out which yet. I think it might be teething b/c she did it twice when she was trying to bite down on her spoon this afternoon.

Actually, I dont feel anything, kinda like I did the day of her surgery. My mom asked me how I felt…I said I really dont feel anything. I know God is in control of this entire situation and I am not going to allow myself to get all stressed out and worried over things I have no control over. I look at this situation this way…”I know in whom I have belief…” God has not left us throughout this entire ordeal and he will not leave us now. This entire journey has been a great test to my faith, but I just keep placing my life, Natalie’s life, and Thomas’ life into His hands and allow him to take care of things. I know in a few months we will look back at this nightmare and realized how much he was with this and this entire situation will allow us to help others who experience similar problems.

I think that might be part of why we are having to walk down this road. I believe nothing happens without a reason. Yes this is the most difficult thing I have had to face (and I have had more than my share of difficulties) but at the same time I know that this experience will allow us to turn around and use our experiences for good, to help others and to glorify God.

I am reminded about an evangelist that came to my church when I was a teen. His name was Dave Roever, and he was a Vietnam veteran who was maimed in the war. He was a member of the Navy SEALS and a while on a mission a phosphorus gernade discharged in his hand next to his head and burned most of his body. He lost half his face and one of his hands, his eye, his ear, his ability to do a lot of things. He jumped into the river to try and extinguish the fire…however it was not extinguished because this is what phosphorus does. After he came back to the surface after jumping into the river, the first words out of his mouth were, “GOD I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU!” Immeadiately, on of his fellow soldiers (one whom he called ‘Pervert No. 1’) gave his heart and sole to God. These words have echoed in my head the past few days…because no matter what I face and what I deal with…I believe one thing…”GOD I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU!”

Size Update

Before I forget these weights:
6 months 1 week 4 days – 14lbs 3oz
6 months 2 weeks 4 days – 14lbs 8oz
I know I havent posted in awhile but I have not really had much time. I am back to work fulltime starting this week, Natalie’s sleep habits have changed, my stress level is still elevated, and I am exhausted. I feel like a zombie all the time at the moment. It will eventually get better…soon I hope.

6 Month Update

I forgot to update this in my earlier post.

Natalie had her 6 month check up today and she is now 13lbs 13oz and is 25 inches tall. Her head is still measuring 46cm, but that is in the 97%. At 1 week her head was only in the 3%. At least its not gotten bigger…it was 46cm last week at the neurosurgeon’s appointment.

Still Isn’t Over

Is this nightmare ever going to end? Just about the time I think things are going well and we are finally able to move on with our lives, something pulls us back down. I really don’t know how much more I can take. I feel like I am going to snap.

God, please…when is this nightmare going to end?!? No matter how stressful or dark this battle may be. We still walk forward in the truth that God is on our side and will take care of us and our beautiful little girl. All we have at this moment is our faith in God and the support of those who love us.