Bubble Baths

Would you believe she was actually standing when this picture was taken? We had her propped just right on the couch so she could stand. She must have stood up, by herself for about 10 minutes. Where has our little baby girl gone? She’s already 4x’s her birth weight!

OK, so please forgive me for not being able to get a picture of Natalie’s first bubble bath…but she loved it! Thomas had to leave for a ‘training session’ for a job he did a couple of months ago and I decided to take a bubble bath with Natalie. I should have had the camera handy…

Oh well, I will have it ready next time. Natalie decided she needed to eat the bubbles…it was so cute with her little fist full of bubbles and her mouth covered in suds. I realized AFTER the bath that I was using bubble bath not ‘meant’ for kids. I guess I need to go get kid bubble bath for her.

Today I had an Access II training class for work that lasted…all…day. It was SO boring. I had so much trouble paying attention and I couldnt just goof off and do other things I had to follow along because as soon as my attention was diverted for a minute, I was lost. At least it was well paced so it didnt drag, it just wasnt fast. The City requires that all employees complete 24hrs of training per fiscal year and here I am in the last quarter of the year and I hadnt done ANY of my training…and they decided to offer LESS classes this quarter so I didnt have many choices. Ive tried several times to take training classes earlier in the year but things kept happening…ie Natalie was born, Natalie was in the hospital, Natalie had surgery…in a nutshell…Natalie kept happening. But oh well, thats life and my daughter is a million times more important than any boring City required training classes any day 🙂

I was just reviewing some pictures of Natalie that we had taken over the past couple of weeks…that kid already knows how to work the camera! A couple of my favorites are below…look at her facial expressions, I just cant believe how much more I fall in love with her everyday!Yes this is my daughter sticking her tongue out for the camera at 7 months! Actually she was trying to lick the ranch dressing off her face. Yes, we give our child ranch dressing…she LOVES it!
This is Natalie hiding behind a napkin. Look at those eyes!

Gimme a kiss…see we have taught her house to pose already…ok, you caught me, we caught her mid vowel sound…Uuuuuuuuuu

Look at me! I have FINALLY learned to push up and like to be on my tummy!

Natalie’s first time sitting in a grocery cart like a big girl! She thought it was so much fun! It will be easier once she starts sitting by herself better. If it wasnt for the safety latch she would have kept tipping over because she still has a round bottom, lol.

I even hold my own bottles now!

My Daddy! Im NOT sharing him!


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