More Words…

Natalie has been doing all sorts of new and exiciting things over the last week. I thought I would make a quick run down for the sake of posterity and my memory.

Late last week after bathtime we were looking in the mirror and talking to the baby in the mirror and she suddenly said ‘bay bee’ so cute! Im not sure if it was just part of her babble or not, she hasnt done it since, but I am choosing to believe that she said baby 🙂

On Friday, I was discussing her development with Ms. Shay and Ms. Janet, two of her daycare teachers, and they were telling me that I should force her to hold onto exersaucer or the coffee table or something to make her use those little leg muscles. Its not that she cant stand or pull up…she just doesnt want to (I think I have one of the most stubborn babies in the entire world). When they try to make her do that at daycare she screams and throws a fit.

When I got her home and decided to have her practice, she had a great time! She pounded on the coffee table with two of her rattles for awhile but she did get knocked down twice by Bella which made her hit her poor little head and make her cry…thats where mommy comes in.

On Sunday and this morning she pulled up by herself in her crib! Her mattress is still set high enough that if she wants to she can pull up and look out of the top of the railings from her knees, and that is exactly what she was doing! We will soon have to set the crib lower but she’s getting so big.

Also on Sunday she was bouncing in her jumperoo and she said ‘bye bye’ to herself while waving to herself! I think she has done this a couple of times but only when she is babbling to herself, never when we try to get her to say it.

Finally, her new favorite words are a very run together sounding ‘tickletickletickletickle’ so cute.


So Proud

So Natalie has been clapping for a few weeks now and recently started eating those Gerber puffs that dissolve in her mouth. So last night she was sitting on daddy’s lap and we were feeding her the puffs while waiting for dinner time. We have to give them to her one at a time or otherwise she will try to stick an entire handful in her mouth.

She would pick it up, put it in her mouth, grin, and clap each time she ate one. So we are sitting on the couch and saying ‘Yayyyyyy!’ and clapping each time she eats a puff. It was so cute, she thinks it is a major achievement to feed herself.

She is growing up too fast…

A Day of Firsts

OK…so just to mention a major first for this country. Barack Obama will now be the first African American President. Although I am a McCain/Palin supporter I do realize that this is a major step for minorities in the United States and I am very glad that I live in a country where anyone, regardless of their background can achieve their dreams. I just pray that his policies are not going to go down some of the roads that the doomsdayers are predicting.

But to the exciting firsts!

This morning for the first time Natalie…

Said ‘bye bye’…I think

We were getting ready to walk out the door and I said ‘bye bye daddy’ as she practiced her ‘wave.’ As I approached the door Natalie said “ba…ba…” Whether or not this was her attempt at saying ‘bye bye’ or just a coincidence I don’t know. But I don’t really care either so I proclaim that today Natalie said ‘bye bye’ for the first time!

Gave mommy a kiss…maybe

Again this is something that may or may not have been intentional on her part, but as I just stated…I dont care! We were in the bedroom right before leaving. I picked her up to leave the room and she moved and planted a little kiss on my cheek. She is such a wiggle worm that this may have been a result of her moving at the same time I was trying to pick her up, but I dont care. My baby gave me her first kiss 🙂

Time to Update?

Maybe its time that I give everyone a brief update on the famille de Martinage. It has been a crazy couple of months for us and I am hoping that it will slow down just a little bit now.

In September we FINALLY moved to our new house. It only took us 3 months after we found the house. One week after we moved…Natalie started crawling. Thank God we moved before she became mobile. There was no room in the condo for a mobile Natalie.

We have been trying to get settled in the new house, its taking longer than we would like, but that is mostly due to procrastination on our parts 🙂

Natalie’s first Halloween was this weekend. We dressed her as Tickle Me Elmo and took her to the Fall Festival at our church. Her costume was a hit with everyone. Unfortunately, I dont think she had as much fun as I hoped. I guess there were too many people and it was too close to bed time. She was more fussy than anything. We took pictures of her like crazy but the ones of her in her costume at home we took when she first got it turned out better than the ones from Halloween night, lol.

Well, now its November and we have one more major holiday first before she hits the big 0-1. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by, even with all we have been through with her.

Here is a picture of Natalie as Elmo