Who She Is…

Who is Natalie? What is it that makes her so special?

Natalie is…stubborn.

There is no other way to describe our child who did not want to tell us she was a girl until JUST before she arrived, to decide to join us 6 weeks before she was due on vacation without her daddy present, and constantly show everyone they are wrong about who she is and what she can do.

Natalie is…energetic.

She never seems to slow down, not even in her sleep. She doesnt seem to require a lot of sleep and is constantly on the go.

She loves music and dancing to that music. If there is no music to be heard then she will create her own and is surprisingly already in tune and on beat.

She knows what she wants and is determined enough to go for it, even if it is a ‘no-no.’ She’s a problem solver who will take the time to figure out how to get that door open or take off that shoe.

She loves the color red and has recently decided she wants to be right-handed instead of left.

She loves her binkie and her blankie and doesnt seem at all willing to get rid of either.

Natalie is a computer nerd in training, just like her daddy. She knows his office is where the computers are and always wants to go in there.

She recently discovered how to swipe the credit card at the store (boy are we in trouble) and loves to ‘talk’ on the phone. She’s an equal opportunity flirt with anyone she meets regardless of gender.

She’s a momma’s girl who thinks her daddy is the best.

Anytime she sees a cat she gets all excited and shouts ‘GITTY!’

They tell us she is delayed due to the challenges she has experienced and her premature (and sudden) birth but she will then decide to show everyone she isn’t…she just wants to do things HER way and in HER time!

She can say the following words on a consistent basis…daddy (or dada), mama, kitty, bye bye, hi, that, look, uh oh. She uses the baby sign for ‘more’ for eat, drink, and more. She has also been heard saying eat, drink, and puppy.

She’s a carnivore and has been since before birth. Some of her first table foods were steak and ribs (her idea…not ours).

Her smile with melt your heart and is so cute with her two little front teeth. She didnt get those first two teeth until she was almost 14 months old.

She has her mama’s eyes and her daddy’s eyelashes and curly hair. She’s her mama’s little mini-me.

She doesnt understand why the kitties don’t want to play with her!

She also doesnt see the need to try and stand and walk when you can get places just as ‘fast’ by crawling.

As a baby she LOVED the color red and Elmo.

She now loves Sesame Street and her Little People Noah’s Ark set.

Spoons make wonderful drums and trying to climb out of a restuarant high chair is fun.

Natalie is impatient…she knows what she wants and she wants it RIGHT NOW!

She’s a petite little girl who thinks she is all grown up. She also has a voracious appetite, there is very little she DOESN’T like, and she isnt afraid to try anything!

She knows what to do with a steering wheel!

If she finds it…it needs to be tasted or chewed on.

Cat toys are more fun than her toys…her second choice is the television remote.

She loves to eat cherrios and Gerber Snack Puffs (sweet potato flavor).

Bathtime is lots of fun…and so are bubbles.

Our little Natalie is an amazing person. Each day is an adventure and is filled with surprises waiting to be revealed. We are amazed and blessed by this amazing gift that God has given us and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. She will definitely spend her life proving others wrong…just because she can.


Moved to Tears

I am moved to tears as I continue to follow the story of a little fighter named Stellan and his mom’s steadfast faith in God as their world continues to spin out of control. I realize just how truly blessed I am that my daughter is still with us and that her long term prognosis is good.


As I continue to find the blog’s of Christian women who have experienced difficult journies with their children (much more difficult than mine) the depth of their faith continues to amaze me. I am amazingly thankful that at the end of the day I go home to my beautiful little girl and chase her around the house. In life, those are the things that truly matter and that I cherish.

Natalie is truly my little miracle. It has been a little over a month since her latest surgery and she continues to come along in her therapy…at her own pace. She doesn’t like to be made to do things, instead she prefers to learn them…on her terms.

Last Friday she was evaluated by numerous therapists and doctors for signs of any delays in regards to her shunt and the hydrocephalus. I am still waiting for a final report but the consensus seemed to be that she is approximately 2.5 months behind her physical age. This makes sense when you take into consideration she was 6 weeks premature and lost about a month when she was initially hospitalized for the bleed. I believe that in addition to her physical therapy they will be recommending occupational therapy as well. The funny thing, the things that she ‘wasn’t’ doing, I didnt even know she was SUPPOSED to be doing them by this point (i.e. introducing self-feeding with a spoon). We have started working with her in regards to some of the things that she ‘isnt’ doing and know that she will pick them up quickly. Doctor’s seem to expect all kids to be on this set level, if they’re not doing the things they are ‘supposed’ to be doing than there is a problem with the child. Its crazy, Natalie is my first child and I had no idea that she should be starting to use a spoon and learn shape sorting…now I know so I have started introducing those things to her.