Just Like Mommy…

I apparently have a disgusting little toddler who wants to be just like her mommy (which is absolutely adorable!)

Natalie and I were on our way home from work and the grocery store on Monday when I must have given her milk that had gone sour…no sooner had she drank the little bit of milk left in her cup than it came back up…while I was driving on the interstate of all places (no place to stop). As I started driving a little faster so that I could get off the Buckman Bridge (3 mile bridge that spans the St Johns River) I was watching her in my rear view mirror. Suddenly, much to my horror she started eating the vomit on her bid! I thought I was gonna throw up too…there she was, my beautiful little 17 month old eating her regurgitated snack! Ugh, I thought I was gonna die, by the time I was able to pull off to the side of the road she was really chowing down…AND she got mad at me when I cleaned her up and took away the nasty bib.

Now on to how she wants to be just like mommy (no it isnt because she likes her own vomit!)…last week while we were in St Louis visiting the family she started putting my shoes on her little hands and crawling all over the house in “mommy’s shoes.” Now that we are back home in Jax she has continued to this, she goes specifically to wherever I have laid my shoes I wore that day and puts those specific shoes on her hands and marches all over the house as proudly as can be. I really need to get it on video and in pictures, I dont know why I didnt think about that earlier when I saw her doing it. I haven’t had the heart to tell her yet that she really should try learning to walk and then she can really wear mommy’s shoes…oh well, I guess (and HOPE) that part will come soon.


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