To Honor a Roll Model

As I sit here and compose this post half way across the country a woman that I have loved my entire life is ending hers. After a journey that has spanned 8 1/2 decades Glenda Marie Worthy Tucker is mere hours, perhaps days away from her heavenly reward.

Born 7 Oct 1922 in Illinois, she is the daughter of Orville Baits Worthy and Jessie Lela Marie Sapp Worthy. On 14 Feb 1948 (Valentine’s Day) she married James Fred Tucker at the Roxana Church of the Nazarene in Roxana, Madison, Illinois. To their marriage were blessed two sons, Randall James (17 Oct 1952) and Brian ? (2 Sept 1958).

As their sons grew they were blessed 6 grandchildren (Jason, Autumn, Michael, Amber, Nicholas, and Lauren) and in 2007 saw the birth of their first great granddaughter (Natalie Isabelle).

My grandmother always longed for a daughter in addition to her sons. However, as God saw fit, the curly, red-haired little girl she always dreamed of came to her in the form of her first granddaughter (me). I had a special bond with her that I did not come to fully realize or appreciate it until I was an adult. She is an amazing woman and when her moment comes to leave this earth she will be missed.

As I bathed my daughter this evening and reflected on what the next few hours/days would bring, a memory of my grandmother came to me and I realized this is what I will remember most.

Natalie’s hair has a tendency to tangle and as I took a comb and gently combed out the tangles I remembered the times I lay my head in grandma’s lap and she ran her fingers (or a brush) through my hair. Her touch had a soothing feeling that would make me relax and savor the feeling. If I sit and and allow my mind to drift back in time, I can almost feel her fingers in my hair. This is what I will always remember and have decided to commemorate for the world to know. My grandmother had a gentle and loving touch that would cause the most hyperactive of us kids to relax and almost fall asleep.

She also loved my natural hair color, it was not the flaming red as hers had been when she was younger, but it is a natural auburn red…the red highlights will dance in the direct sunlight. A couple of years ago she scolded me for dyeing it, I told her that my hair had simply darkened, I have only ever dyed my hair but once and that was another shade of my natural color. I consider one of her gifts to me to be my hair color. In addition to that I also inherited her long fingers and crooked, long toes.

I also have one memory of an argument with her. It was 1996, grandma and grandpa were in Pensacola watching us kids while mom and dad were away for mom’s surgery. It was my middle school honor society induction ceremony and they were taking me to buy a new outfit. Grandma had a dress in mind (I recall her telling me that that’s what mom wanted me to wear)…I wanted a pair of khaki pants and a nice shirt. She didn’t think that was an appropriate outfit for this type of ceremony, I did. It ended with me not getting anything…but I never held a grudge πŸ™‚

It is with a heavy heart that I realize I must soon lose a woman that I love dearly, but I am blessed with almost 27 years of memories together that will never be forgotten. I look forward to the day that I enter into heaven’s gates and see her standing there with all of my other family. Probably telling me that it is now my turn to chase after my first child (an early miscarriage) who I am sure is currently wreaking havoc around heaven πŸ™‚


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