I’m Supposed to Learn What?!?


I don’t have patience, never have and thought I never would. I guess God has decided otherwise. As we walk through this valley I have realized that a major lesson I am supposed to learn is patience. I cannot rush the investigators, I cannot hurry ahead to the end of this journey…I must be patient. There is not really much more I can do. We continue to check online to see if any of our things have shown up for sale and we are in contact with our detective. That is all we can do. We do our best with the VERY limited actions we can do and leave the rest into the skilled hands of the police and God. I definitely see God at work, but it is at his pace, not mine.

I can’t wait to be able to share all the details of this journey in detail but my blog and anyone who finds it must be patient as well. I don’t want to compromise anything even though its not like I’ve been instructed to stay silent on the VERY LITTLE that I do know.

So as we continue to move forward I continue to STAND, TRUST God, and now…BE PATIENT! (Did I mention that that is one hard thing to do for me!)


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