Natalie…Growing Up and a Burglary Update

So I can’t believe my little girl is going to be two in about 3 weeks! Where has the time gone? In the past couple of weeks Natalie has really began to show an interest in the big girl potty. Apparently she’s learned to flush the toliet at daycare and of course…thats a fun game. Thomas and I started talking to her last week about ‘pee pee’ and ‘poo poo.’ Oh the lovely conversations that I NEVER thought I would have. I was surprised to see that Natalie understood what we were talking about and she has even started telling us when she peed in her diaper (am I really typing this). So on Saturday I was getting everything ready to take a shower and she was in the bathroom playing with the toilet. Thomas was sitting in the living room watching television when he heard the toilet flush and Natalie say ‘pee pee.’ When Thomas told me that she had said that I decided that it was time to buy Natalie’s ‘big girl potty.’ So she and I went to WalMart on Sunday and picked one up. I have mostly intended to just play with the concept and get her used to it and let her lead me as to when she was really ready to learn. Well I guess…she’s really ready. She had great fun sitting on it Sunday night and I believe that she really did want to use it but the attention span of a toddler is not very long. If I had let her go a little longer she might have used it because she did not want her diaper back on…she even hid it from me…in the diaper pail, lol. So Monday night we try again and she sits fairly patiently for about 5 minutes, only getting up twice, when she suddenly seems to lose interest again. This time I figure she’s had enough and I put her diaper back on…she didn’t fight me this time, which I thought was a little odd. A couple of minutes later she trips and falls next to the potty and is crying. So I go and pick her up to comfort her and kiss the boo boo when I notice that there is a little tinkle in the potty…yep, Natalie used the big girl potty by herself! I found out after I put her to bed and was cleaning the potty she apparently missed it the potty some too…thats what she tripped on poor kiddo. So we will continue to take our cues from her but it seems my little girl isn’t a little girl anymore…potty training here we come!

On other news in our lives…the on going burglary investigation continues. We had two names and a couple of warrants for the people that were indirectly involved. However, I just learned that we now have a prime suspect as to the actual burglar himself! I’m still not going to expound on anything at the moment but please pray that an arrest is forthcoming…from at least one of these people. I just want something concrete to happen. Yes, I know…patience is my virtue, patience is my virtue. I’m still learning this one. Please have patience with me Jesus while I learn patience!


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