Lunch Time in J-ville

Lunch time is almost over and time to go back to work.  Nothing extraordinary has happened recently but here’s a quick run down of the latest events…

  • We passed the one year mark since Grandma Tucker passed away and we are quickly approaching the one year mark for Grandpa Tucker in another 15 days.
  • Natalie continues to grow up WAY to quickly.  She using 3-4 word sentences now and her range of vocabulary is expanding exponentially.  She still refuses to take an interest in potty training or giving up her binky.  We tell her big girls do those things and I think she is quite content to remain a baby at the moment.
  • Mike and Anna’s wedding is quickly approaching.  The date is set for Sep 18th and we are getting things ready.  Natalie and I got our dresses on Sunday, we’ve ordered our plane tickets and I need to get Thomas’ tux in order still.
  • Mom had her second knee replacement last week.  She’s at home and doing well as far as I can tell.  Hopefully this will help her finally regain her mobility and be the nanny she wants to be to Natalie.
  • My eye surgery is set for Jul 30th, finally.  We’ve only been waiting for almost a year for this second surgery and hopefully this will take care of my problems once and for all with no permanent vision loss.
  • Thomas’ high school reunion is in September the week after the wedding so it will be a crazy month of September for us.
  • I am still working on my family tree.  I’ve actually started to recreate the tree, my original one was getting too cluttered and Ive separated out some of my lines and will continue to do that with the others as I go along.  Its so addicting but I love it.

I guess thats about it for now.  Time to go back and pretend to work…oh I mean work hard for the remainder of the afternoon.  Take it easy!


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