Is it over yet?

I am 11 days past the point in my last pregnancy where Natalie decided to make her quick and dramatic arrival.  For me, I am in totally uncharted territory.  However, I am SO over it.  I am ready to be done being pregnant.  I want this baby girl to be born already and I can start to feel a little more human again.  I still haven’t reached my goal for this pregnancy quite yet though.  I am only 35 weeks, 4 days right now.  I want to at least get to 36 weeks (Sunday) and preferably 37 weeks (two Sundays from now).

This Sunday marks two months since my sister left us.  There really isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her, miss her, and wish she was still here.  She was so young.  I know that God decided that her journey was complete but it sure left a hole in the rest of us.  I have been keeping a journal through CaringBridge to help me process through my emotions as we learn to live without her here with us.  I think its really helped.  I know it will help me remember down the road.


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