Arrival Time Has Arrived?

I’m beginning to wonder if I will have a new little baby in my arms by the end of the weekend.  All day I have been experiencing mild to moderate contractions.  They began about 10 minutes apart.  After about two hours I called the doctor’s office since its Friday and they close at noon.  I came in for a NST (non-stress test) and they checked me out.  I’m not quite dilated 2 and not really effaced but there are definitely contractions about every 10 minutes or so.  I was told to take it easy, stay off my feet and drink water by the weekend on call doctor who also happens to be a friend of mine.  She told me that if I was to go into labor she would try to stop it at least at first.  I was a little surprised by this since I’m almost 36 weeks but I guess she just wants to try to help me get to 37 weeks and considered full term.  I came back to work and made sure I wrapped up all my loose ends, just in case.  The contractions have continued, they have intensified a little bit and they are now about 8 minutes apart.  I guess we’ll know what will happen over the next few hours.  I’ve put everyone on standby that needs to be on standby.  I’m debating about whether or not to tell my extended family (brothers, father-in-law, sisters-in-law) but I don’t want to get everyone overly excited too soon.  Ideally she would hang out at least another week before she decides to arrive but if she’s like her big sister she’ll have her own agenda to attend to.


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