Im Dying Here

Well, I ended up being way wrong about baby girl coming last weekend.  After 36 hours of contractions and the beginnings of seeing them intensify Saturday afternoon they just suddenly stopped.  Ugh.  Its now the following Friday, I’m ALMOST 37 weeks at this point (which has always been our goal) and my body has made a little progress so far as it getting ready to have her but there is still no clear indication that she will be coming anytime soon.  Today, I feel like I am dying.  I am SO exhausted.    Baby girl kept me up all night long with uncomfortable contractions and it took me until 4am to realize that I was having contractions, I kept thinking I just couldnt get comfortable.  Well, I couldnt get comfortable because I was having contractions…oh well, 5 more hours and then I can go home and it will finally be the weekend.  I am SO hoping she decides to make her appearance this weekend.  I dont know how much more I can take.  I don’t know how women who go to 40+ weeks do it.


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