Filing Systems – ARGH!!!

So one of my major goals for the year is to ‘get my house organized.’  A big part of this mess is my paper file system.  It’s absolutely out of control!  To make it even more chaotic is half of it is still packed from our move last year.  I never bothered unpacking those boxes because I knew they were not active files I needed and I was pregnant at the time and I just didn’t need the extra stress of at least having to SEE the entirety of my paper file nightmare.

There have been several times where I have sat down and spent hours attempting to get my filing system organized but it all ends to no avail.  I also ways purge out quite a bit of paper and that does make me feel slightly accomplished but I am still left with a slightly less than before massive of partially organized papers that maybe stacked with their like counterparts but it’s still a PILE!  I’ll try filing all of this and realize I don’t have enough file folders that are labeled and ready to go.  If I attempt to take the approach put them in the file and label later, I forget what is in each file and then create multiple files of the same category (like electric bills) or spent several extra minutes looking through all of the non-labeled files trying to find the corresponding file for one particular piece of paper.  This usually ends up with frustration and I just give up to forget where I was by the time I think about coming back and then I just avoid it some more…its a vicious cycle that just continues as more paper comes into the house.

This time I am attempting to take a different approach.  I have been working on a list of categories I believe that I will need corresponding files for.  I think I have most of them listed out and now I am going to organize that by master category (i.e. financial, property, medical, etc.).  My next step will be the one that I hate but is the most important in order for me to finally get moving on this filing system.  I am going to sit down and  create a LABELED file folder for each category and subcategory on my list.  I am not going to file one single piece of paper until I finish ALL the files as I currently have them.  Once I have finished this most crucial step then I will arrange them on my portable file rack in their proper categories.  THEN and only then will I start to put files in the labeled and organized file folders.

My problem is I HATE HATE HATE labeling folders.  It doesn’t matter if I have a handy labeler or pen..its a monotonous job that will drive me up a wall but I need to make myself do it.  I also should probably arrange for someone to watch the girls while I do this part because an energetic and talkative 4-year-old and a needy (and easily bored) 6 month will make this task near impossible to do.

OK…ready, set…FILE!


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