Journey to Self-Employment

I never thought I would be someone who would even want to work for myself.  When I envisioned my career it was in a downtown office working 9-5.  In fact, I always planned a career in public service and that is exactly what I have done for the past 9 years.  But then, I married a man who worked for himself.  It is true that it was the stability of my career in the first couple of years of marriage that allowed him to not have to worry about the money and just focus on the establishing his business foundation but I think he would have continued on this path even if it hadn’t been for the stability of my job.  He just does better working for himself.  In the past couple of years I have increasingly found myself wishing for the same freedom he has on a day to day basis.  Most mornings he’s in bed an hour after I leave for work.  He can work 2 or 3 jobs that last 4-5 hours total and still beat me back home again.  He does on occasion have to work late or incredibly long hours but that is about once a week or less.  I can easily learn to do what he does and join him in the business but I really don’t have much interest.  I would love to be his office manager and focus on really establishing my genealogy consulting business (which is an incredibly small field btw) but there is still that matter of needing some income coming in from me.  It doesn’t help that economy isn’t great and that makes if difficult to find even a part time ‘normal’ job.

Right now the gears are turning and I’m attempting to think of or find something that I can turn into my own business.  I would love to be a consultant but again part of the problem is my ‘professional’ field is small and I’m not in the right part of the country to be an effective consultant and moving is not an option for us.  So in the meantime I keep working and looking to see what, if anything, is out there either in a traditional professional career or through a small business of some type.  I’ll figure it out, I just haven’t done it yet.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe, you’re interested in learning more about your family tree…if so, check out my website to the right.


2 thoughts on “Journey to Self-Employment

  1. thank you for sharing your thoughts really good to know there are other career changers our there! Do what makes your heart sing and makes you throw the bed clothes back every day!
    Divine Secrets – share your progress with us!

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