My Journey…Redefined (Pt. 2)

In case you missed the first part of my journey, you can read it here.

I spent several months researching what needed to be done to become a home inspector.  I talked with a few people in the field, with my clients, and with anyone else that would listen.  I think I drove my husband nuts with plans but I never got myself organized enough to go take the class I was looking at taking.

I didn’t have any plans to become a full-time home inspector, but rather this would be a means to potentially create an income while I worked towards building a reputation as a historic preservation design consultant.  It was my plan to offer my services to individuals looking to pursue a historically appropriate renovation of their homes or other properties.  I would act on their behalf dealing with the various city agencies, refer them to skilled and qualified contractors specializing in historic renovations.  I was also considering the possibility of acting as a contractor for clients, if requested.  This eventually led me to my next train of thought.

I eventually realized that home inspection was not the avenue that I should pursue.  It was at this time that I decided that my best course of action would be to obtain my contractors license.  While it was not and is still not my intention to be a contractor on renovation projects, it makes sense to obtain my license and the necessary experience that comes with it so that I can, if needed, perform the role of a contractor in a historic renovation project.

Since I have no direct experience in this area, I realized I still needed some form of income if I am to ever leave the realm of a “normal” job.  This is where my childhood dream of being an architect came to mind.  I’ve often said that if I could go back and start college over again I would have gone for it.  I’m still not sure why I didn’t pursue architecture, other than the fact that it wasn’t a degree at my university (I could have transferred).  Unfortunately, the nearest architecture to my current location is a little over an hour away and it is a large university with many highly competitive degree programs (including architecture).  There’s no way I could commute with a full-time job and a family even if I was accepted into the school.  I don’t like to “settle” for anything but I also realize that if I want this dream to be able to happen in any capacity, I will have to change the trajectory of this particular dream.  Instead of becoming a licensed architect, right now I am pursuing training as a draftsman.  I see drafting as a way that I can easily create a secondary income that does not interfere with my regular job and it would be incredibly beneficial to that historic preservation design consultant vision that I have.  I’ve even unofficially secured a potential gig once I know what I’m doing (I’m still not sure of the timeline in this area).  Hopefully, when I’m ready, the opportunity will still be there.

Up until a couple of months ago, this was my vision.  I was going to pursue my contracting license, drafting certificate, and I even added my real estate license.  All of these tools would be used to help me to establish a consulting firm for historic preservation renovations.  My firm would specialize in design consulting, contracting, genealogical research (another passion and another story for another time), personal renovation for sale (not client driven), and permit running.  I see my dream changing, this consulting firm may still happen in some capacity or maybe even as I had visioned it but there will be something else more important.  The second I started to lay out my plans, I believe God has shown me his…and its crazy…



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